Pursuant to Oregon Revised Statute 468B.300, Oregon's "Regulations Pertaining to Oil Spills into Public Waters" OAR 340-141 allows for submission of a single plan for more than one covered vessel listed.  Accordingly, this plan is intended to cover CBRC enrolled Member vessels transiting Coos Bay waters.

CBRC has developed this "Umbrella" Oil Spill Contingency Plan (PLAN) to coveral general commercial vessels calling at berths in Coos Bay.   Oil Terminal Owner/Operators and Tank Vessels including Self Propelled Tanker and Tank Barges are covered by their respective Vessel/Facility Plans, and may site the resources listed in the Plan if they are members of CBRC and have executed appropriate service agreements.

CBRC acts as an initial responder.  Additional contractors would be called out as necessary depending on the nature and duration of the response.  After 24-hours the responsible party can bring additional contractors as necessary and reasonable.